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David Abiodun K. G. B. Onafeko

I thank you for visiting this website and any or all of DAKGB ONAFEKO Human Rights' Website(s).

DAKGB ONAFEKO Human Rights originally started in the United Kingdom. The Organisation is now based in Ireland, operating under two names, Greatday ECS and HACRC Institute.

Whilst we conclude registrations, constructions etc., we value your feedback, so please get onto our contact page in this site, to send us message.

Please keep safe on the internet. No one whose details are not published on this website, is allowed to contact anyone for whatsoever reason(s), on my behalf or that of DAKGB ONAFEKO Human Rights.



DAKGB ONAFEKO Human Rights only use professionals, like our insurers, solicitor(s) instructed in writing, professional news anchors, whom we communicate with in writing etc.; all of whom have their own insurance. They are not authorized to speak on our behalf except specifically authorized so to do in writing by the CEO and whose details are published here on our website or on "greatday.co.uk".

DAKGB ONAFEKO Human Rights- Articles, Memorandum & Creation Document

"... Dedicated to my Dad, who did everything, but lost everything before the end ..."